HybridTec’s ACS commercial changeover course includes training and assessment on the changeover from domestic natural gas to commercial natural gas including commissioning, servicing, repair and breakdown of commercial appliances.

Candidates will expand their knowledge surrounding installation requirements for commercial gas pipework, commercial chimney requirements and the Clean Air Act (1993), ventilation requirements for commercial appliances in different locations, combustion analysis including NOx and SOx and operation of forced draught burners.

The assessment includes practical tasks and multiple-choice question papers on the following modules:

  • CODNCO1 changeover domestic to commercial
  • ICPN1 installation first fix on commercial pipework
  • CIGA1 indirect fired commercial appliances
  • CDGA1 direct fired commercial appliances
  • CORT1 overhead radiant tube and radiant plaque heaters
  • TPCP1a tightness testing and direct purging of pipework not exceeding 1m³ in volume or 6″ in diameter