Certificates Include

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Water Regulations

The course covers all aspects of the 1999 Water Regulations, including: –

  • Water fittings
  • System design and installation
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • Backflow prevention
  • Water for use outside a property

Unvented Hot Water

  • Relevant aspects of the Water Regulations
  • Building Regulations
  • British Standards and other related legislation
  • Unsafe situations and emergency actions
  • Pipework (including sizing, installation, defects and faults)
  • Testing (covers standing and working pressures, flow rates)
  • Safety controls
  • Installation requirements
  • Commissioning and servicing

Energy Efficiency (Part L)

  • Part L of the Building Regulations
  • Boiler sizing – whole house method
  • The importance of SEDBUK ratings
  • Principles of gas condensing boilers
  • Hot water cylinder replacements
  • Controls
  • Environmental consequences

Heat Pumps

This course has been designed for Heating and Plumbing engineers to provide the necessary skills for the design, installation, testing, commissioning, handover, servicing and fault-finding of ground and air source heat pump systems in accordance with the latest NOS/QCF criteria and MCS scheme requirements.

Further Courses

  • Solar Thermal Hot Water
  • Solar PV


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