What is Gas EPA?

End-point assessment has been introduced in order to improve the apprenticeship programme. All apprentices must take an independent end-point assessment during the last three months of their learning to verify that they have achieved all of the necessary knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for the workplace.

As an independent end-point assessor we have been approved by the end-point assessment organisation to carry out the assessment to ensure apprentices are equipped with the right knowledge to pass their apprenticeship and enter the workplace with confidence.


What does it involve?

The assessment involves practical tasks, questions, and interviews, each of which has been developed by trailblazer employer groups, this provides employers with the confidence that apprentices are competent along with making sure apprentices are confident in using their newly acquired skillset within the workplace safely.

Our EPA team will guide apprentices through the process and ensure you and your apprentices are on track. We pride ourselves on our approach to ensure a smooth journey, and to make things as easy as possible when it comes to EPA.

“We believe the best training for engineers is by engineers”

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