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Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety

CPA1 formed part of the CCN1 assessment in April 2012


Course Content – Core Domestic Gas
·       Gas safety legislation and Standards.
·       Gas emergency actions and procedures.
·       Products and characteristics of combustion
·       Ventilation.
·        Installation of pipework and fittings.
·       Tightness testing and purging.
·       Checking and/or setting meter regulators.
·       Unsafe situations, emergency notices and warning labels.
·       Operation and positioning of emergency isolation controls and valves.
·       Checking and setting appliance burner pressures and gas rates.
·       Operation and checking of appliance gas safety devices and controls.
·       Chimney Standards.
·       Chimney inspection and testing.
·       Installation of open, balanced and fan assisted chimneys.
·       Re-establish existing gas supply and relight appliances.
·       Inspect, test, commission and maintain gas appliances (Re-assessment only).